neo English language learning solution for educational institutions

Built by educators for educators, neo‘s English program allows your learners to achieve their English fluency goals regardless of whether your institution requires fully online instruction or a blend of classroom and online.  Age-appropriate courses are available for kids, young adults, and advanced learners. The simple and intuitive interface guides students through fully sequenced curricula at all levels.

Our comprehensive solution allows students to learn independently, while it works behind the scenes to serve and support teachers and administrators. Support includes instructional assistance, student progress monitoring, grading, Recommended Class Activities, workbooks, and much more. You administer your program effortlessly from the neoDashboard, an online platform that keeps your program running effectively.

neoJr+ develops the language base for effective literacy development. Early emphasis on oral skills, vocabulary, and phonemic awareness is followed by spelling and sentence construction exercises. Songs introduce expressions that children will use in everyday English. Vocabulary lessons present words for people, objects, and activities in children’s lives. Grammar is incorporated through question-and-answer conversations. Phonics lessons introduce English letters, word families, and common spelling patterns. Songs and Games reinforce key language.

neoPrep+ covers 11 CEFR levels. Lessons and exercises revolve around school subjects like math, history, or science, and includes relevant social-situational English. Presentation Lessons introduce new language through a narrative, a conversation, or a mini-lecture on an informational subject. All content is introduced in a clear context with visual support. Lessons follow a 5-step process that facilitates learning: Preview, Repeat, Record, Speak, and Review. Reinforcement Exercises allow learners to practice the language and focus on comprehension.