Artificial Intelligence Technology for all English Language Learners

Our English Language Learning Solutions at the forefront of redefining language teaching for the 21st century, and using technology to increase efficiency and cut costs. Our unique instructional design uses a blended learning system combining classroom teaching and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to provide unparalleled distance learner support.

Three Series of Courses for All Schools

neoJr+ focuses on the basic framework of English and is designed specifically for young English language learners ages 5 to 10. neoJr+ develops the language base that is a prerequisite for effective literacy development. The course’s early emphasis on oral skills, vocabulary, and phonemic awareness is followed up with spelling, sentence construction, and sentence reading exercises.

  neoPrep+ is designed for English language learners age 10+ who need to succeed in an academic environment. Its comprehensive curriculum develops general, school subject, and social-situational English skills that give learners confidence in their reading and verbal abilities. With neoPrep+, students are able to reach fluency faster than with traditional programs.

  Professional Courses are for those who want to make their own decisions on their best study practices. These courses will give you all the advice you need to improve your efficiency, but will allow you to make your own decisions. They will track behavioral learning patterns, evaluate student progress with automatic written feedback, and provide a numerical efficiency value for individual and class performance. DynEd Professional Courses can be used online or offline on all devices, computers, laptops, tablets and phones. DynEd Professional courses cover all ages and all levels of English.

Course Content focused on School Life and School Subjects

Initial Placement and Regular Mastery Testing

Progress Controlled by Student Study Practices

Full Suite of Tools for Administrators and Teachers

neo Dashboard for Sophisticated Student Support

Remote Management of Individuals, Classes, and Large Groups

Scope & Sequence,  Workbooks, and Answer Keys

For Computers, Tablets, and Phones for (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android)